YK-E2000 CCD Sensor 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader

I recently bought a “Mini 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Module Bar Code Reader Scan Module Fast Decoding USB” for an upcoming project.

However as is often the case with Chinese eBay items, there was no documentation and a Google search only found other sellers of the same thing.

The only markings on the board are “YK M4A”.  Although I also found reference to “YK-E2000”; there was still no sign of a data sheet or pinout diagram.

After much wrangling, the seller managed to provide me with the pinout diagram to actually connect the thing up (The note for pins 13 & 14 said “Note: These pins are grounding pins to stabilize both sides of power strip” which I think actually means that they are the mechanical support for the connector).

The connector is a 0.5mm pitch FPC with a 60mm flat flex cable provided.  I am now waiting for a connector and breakout board so I can test it (and find out if both the RS232 TTL and USB are enabled together or if the firmware only provides one or the other).



Hello world!

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