More Chinese Barcode Scanners

While on the lookout for handheld USB barcode scanners that are compatible with the E2000A serial commands, I came across some types of module that I hadn’t seen before:

In an Aibecy model M4 scanner I found a module that looks identical to the E2000A but wouldn’t respond to the same configuration barcodes.

This turned out to be an E2000 (left) and not the E2000A (right) these are electrically and physically compatible with the E2000A

The M4-E2000 manual is posted here for reference.

Other readers with model number CT650 have modules very similar to the E3000h from my previous post.  They use different configuration barcodes however in USB-CDC mode; the serial commands for the E2000A/E3000h work.

Configuration barcodes can be found in the CT650-Manual one of the CT650 readers I bought had a different manual and the barcodes didn’t work!

E3000-CT650 Modules
E3000 (Left) vs CT650 (Right)

There also seems to be two different designs of the CT650 modules, the overall footprint is similar but one version has a step in the side profile.

These both have identical electronics and respond to the same configuration barcodes.

Electrically the CT650 modules are the same as the E3000 however they are slightly taller and have different hole patterns. (The readers are mounted on a blank FR4 PCB which is drilled for several different footprints).

I have not yet tried TTL RS232 on the E3000h or CT650 modules but the CT650 handheld PCB is missing resistors R4 and R6 which connect the TTL RS232 signals from the 10 PIN RJ45 connector on the base to the reader module.